Thee Elitist of The New-Look Nuggets

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There is some confusion of who the best player in Denver is due to the reconstruction of the new-look Nuggets after trading away their two top scorers in Chauncey Billups and Carmelo Anthony during the regular season.

Do not worry because I am here to clear up the fog for those who are unclear about who the star is. The new star of the Nuggets is Billups' successor, Ty Lawson. He has been playing the best basketball out of all the players since the trade. He stepped into the lead point guard role as if he was there the whole time during his young NBA career.

Since taking over at the helm, Lawson has averaged 14.6 points and 6.7 assists per game in 31 games (including the playoffs). He shot 51 percent from the field and 85 percent from the charity strike.

Lawson led the Nuggets to the fifth spot in the tough western conference after being in the seventh slot before making the trade. Despite being bounced out of the first round of the playoffs by the Oklahoma City Thunder, Denver has silenced a lot of critics who thought they would drop out of the playoff race. They did this with their team offense and defense, which started with the listed 5-foot-11 point guard.

Lawson recorded a career-high in points (37) and three-point field goals made (10 straight) on Apr. 9 against the Minnesota Timberwolves. His hot shooting from trey land is an NBA record for most consecutive threes in one game.

This organization is on the verge of creating something special for the future with all these young and talented players being coach by George Karl.

Next season there will definitely be some more noise made by this team. So look out for a lot of damage caused by the Nuggets of the Mile High city in the 2011-2012 season.

English Equals Denver's All-Time Scorer

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The former NBA player, Alex English spent 11 seasons with the Denver Nuggets (1979-90) and ended his Nugget career as their all-time leader in points.

Before leaving the Nuggets due to free agency in 1990, English scored 21,654 points. He averaged at least 21 points per game in 10 of those seasons, and posted a career-high 29.8 points a night during the 1985-86 season.

The eight-time all star (started in four games) went eight seasons with at least 25 points per game. English was an exceptional rebounder and passer, averaging 5.5 boards and 3.6 assists in his 14-year career. 

The all-time leader in points for the Denver Nuggets, English ended his NBA career with the Dallas Mavericks in 1990-91.

The 14-year professional's No. 2 Nuggets jersey was retired on Mar. 2, 1993.

Taming the Roar of Thunder

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The NBA playoffs will start on Apr. 16 and our beloved Denver Nuggets will be matched up in a western conference fourth and fifth seed battle against the league-leading scorer, Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

This is the most intriguing series in the West because both teams are very similar. Both teams rely on perimeter scoring, but both can get tough and score down low in the post. The Nuggets, who are the fifth seed will have their hands full with containing Durant and his counterpart, Russell Westbrook.

Denver is more than capable of limiting the damage that this dynamic duo can cause because since the big blockbuster trade the Nuggets have been allowing around 10 less points a game (97 ppg).

The new-look Nuggets have been described as a team with a bench that is a starting-five on most of the other NBA teams, according to multiple sources.

The regulars off the bench are Raymond Felton, J.R Smith, Wilson Chandler, Al Harrington and Chris "Birdman" Anderson.

Even though the Thunder have a pretty reliable bench as well, the Nuggets still have the edge because they have a better big man in Nene (skills and offense production wise).

Due to the five-game gap between the teams' records, and because the Thunder won the division, Denver is the lower seed.

Regardless of their records this series is as even as any series can get. The Nuggets have the best chance to pull an upset on a higher seed in the first-round of the playoffs than any other underdog.

This series tips-off in Oklahoma City on Sunday at 9:30 pm est.

Taking The Lead

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Ty Lawson has definitely stepped up and taken charge of the leadership role after his outstanding performance tonight against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Lawson scored 37 points (10-11 from three), dished out six dimes and the listed 5-foot-11 point guard (I give him 5-foot-9) also grabbed seven rebounds in their 130-106 win at home.

As we all know, Lawson took over the starting job after Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups were shipped to New York before the trade deadline. Since the trade, Lawson has led the Denver nuggets to a 17-6 record, and put a firmer grip on the fifth playoff spot in the Western conference standings.

I believe Lawson has proven himself to be the lead-guard of the future for the Nuggets, and the organization has seemed to make a great decision in putting him into the driver seat of the new-look Nuggets. Lawson's ice cold performance (AGAIN 10-11 from long-range) shows a lot of promise for the Denver franchise.

It also shows that he has put in the time and effort in the gym during and after practice to improve his jumper. Lawson averages 11.4 points and 4.7 assists this season, and looks to lead his team into a tough playoff series against their potential opponent in the Oklahoma City Thunder.

There's a lot of upside for this new group of Nugget players and it all starts with the team leader, the point guard.

Carolina Blue to Powder Blue

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The former stars at the University of North Carolina in Ty Lawson (2006-09) and Raymond Felton (2002-05) are now the No. 1 and No. 2 point guards on the Denver Nuggets roster.

Lawson and Felton have led the new-look Nuggets to a 14-4 record (46-29 overall) since Carmelo Anthony was traded to the New York Knicks for Felton and a few other players.

The starting guard, Lawson has been tremendous in filling the shoes of the hometown kid in Chauncey Billups, who was also shipped to New York in the blockbuster deal. Lawson has led the team in scoring in five of their team's 14 wins since the trade, while also making sure everyone on the team touched the ball.

He averages 14.3 ppg and 7.0 apg since becoming the lead-guard. His substitute, Felton has also done a good job by fitting himself into the rotation in his 15 games of action with his new ball club. Felton averages 10.8 ppg and 6.6 apg (15.7 ppg and 8.5 apg overall) since coming to Denver.  

The former national champions, Lawson (won in 2009) and Felton (won in 2005), combine for 25 ppg and 14 apg since stepping onto the court together as teammates in Denver. They both are proven leaders, and George Karl should feel pretty happy and comfortable with knowing that he has two reliable point guards to choose from as the Nuggets continue their excellent play en route to eventually claiming the fifth playoff spot in the West standings.

Living "The Life" After Melo

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It is all smiles in Denver, Colorado a month removed from the blockbuster deal that sent superstar Carmelo Anthony to the New York Knicks for an abundance of players; most notable Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton and Wilson Chandler.

The Denver Nuggets are 13-4 (45-29 overall) since the all-star break and more importantly they are winning without Melo. Many fans did not believe that the Nuggets would be as good as they are after losing 24 points a night (at the time) when Anthony was on the floor.

Personally, I did not believe that they would move up to the fifth spot in the always tough Western conference, but obviously they proved me wrong as well. The Nuggets aren't just winning, but they are winning as a team, and isn't that what teams do?

Everyone is scoring, there is lots of ball movement and there's a lot of energy in the already energized Pepsi center. Since Anthony was traded, eight Nugget players have been averaging double-digit points (three come off the bench). The team also averages 107.6 points a game, while holding their opponents to 103 points.

Eight players have led them in scoring in at least one game in their 13 wins after the break. Ty Lawson has been the leading scorer in five of those wins, J.R. Smith is second with three, Al Harrington and Nene are tied with two games and four other players led Denver in scoring in one game.

Denver will eventually clinch the fifth spot in the West and will have their hands full against the upcoming Oklahoma City Thunder in the first-round of the playoffs. The series may be tough, but the new-look Nuggets are capable of knocking off the Thunder.

Heated Wins

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The Denver Nuggets have lost some games they probably shouldn't have lost. However, they continue to stay near the top of the Western Conference by defeating teams who are also in their position, near the top. Denver's four-game home stretch comes to an end tonight against the struggling Cleveland Cavaliers. The Nuggets are coming off two huge wins against Phoenix and Miami. In both of those match ups, Denver scored 130 points or more. That is a lot of points people! Yes, I understand defense is key, but come on, it makes it hard to win a ballgame when the team you're facing drops 130 on you. They put up 130 points against the Heat who are only letting up 91.9 points a game! Miami was without Lebron James but the Nuggs' were still able to shut down Bosh and Wade enough on their way to a 28 point win. Denver will need to keep their scoring ways going into Sunday as they take on the tough Spurs in San Antonio. It would be nice to get a big win on Sunday against one of the NBA's elite teams. There's my short report! Thanks for reading!

Nuggets attempt to get back on track

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Nuggets fans may have reason to worry. Two mediocre teams, two mediocre performances by Denver in California this past week. The Nuggets lost in Los Angeles to the 12-24 Clippers and proceeded to fall to the Sacramento Kings who currently have a 8-26 record. Now, those games are in the past. The Nuggets start a four-game home stretch beginning with the New Orleans Hornets tonight. This game is very important. Not only is it important because of the Nuggets' team morale, but also because the Hornets are in the mix at the top of the Western Conference tied with Denver for the sixth seed. For me, it is never too early to start talking about playoff position. Every game counts. One game can mean the difference between playoff basketball, and sitting on your couch playing Call of Duty in May. So the Nuggets need a win tonight to start off their home stretch. Phoenix, Miami, and Cleveland all come to town this week. If the Nuggets continue to lose games they should win, it makes it that much harder to be among some of the NBA's elite teams. It will be exciting to see how things pan out this week.
Also, here's a little tip if you ever find yourself writing a sports blog. Do not do it during a playoff football game! For obvious reasons, of course, it can get a little distracting. So let me know what you think of the blog or if you have any suggestions. I'm on twitter so follow @charlesagarcia. Thanks for taking the time to read this short blog. Keep coming back! Thanks!

Nuggets Chance to Shine

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The Nuggets haven't lost since last year. OK, sure it's only been a week or so, but that's still saying something. Denver is riding a four-game win streak into Wednesday's game at the Staples Center with the underachieving Clippers. After a big performance from Carmelo Anthony in Tuesday night's win against the Houston Rockets, the Nuggets now have a great opportunity to gain some ground in the Western Conference. Denver is to play a few contenders later this month. The Lakers, Heat, and Spurs are all top teams in the NBA and the Nuggets have an opportune chance to make their presence known in the the league. However, Denver also has a fairly favorable schedule against teams at or near the bottom of the conference. If The Nuggs are to make a push to the top of the Northwestern division, they must win the games they should win. That is a huge must. They can do it, too. Martin, Anderson, Billups, and Anthony are all back into the full swing of things for the time being. So the Nuggets have a huge chance to be near the top of the chain in their division by the end of this month. They just need to take care of business.

Anthony's back....but for how long?

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The 2010-2011 NBA season has been packed with many interesting moves, trades, and acquisitions. The Denver Nuggets have no doubt been right smack dab in the middle of trade controversy themselves. This, of course, has to do with the Nuggets' lead scorer Carmelo Anthony. Anthony's contract comes to an end after this season, and he has not yet agreed to the Nuggets' contract extension offer of $65 million over a span of three years. Carmelo still has not clearly stated that he plans to leave, yet he has also not indicated his intentions to stay. As of right now, the teams who might have the best shot at Anthony are New Jersey, New York, and as of late, Mark Cuban's Dallas Mavericks. It is nearly impossible to find out what is going on in the offices of the Nuggets as limited, viable information has been leaked on the subject.

Amidst all the trade talk, Anthony's family was hit with the tragedy of his eldest sister passing away due to medical reasons. This affected the Nuggets on the court as Anthony missed five games while Denver went 2-3 through this stretch.

Now, Anthony is getting back into the swing of things as he helped the Nuggets win big on Saturday against the Sacramento Kings. Heading into their game on Monday hosting the Houston Rockets , Denver finds themselves three games behind Utah for the Northwest division lead. The Nuggets (19-13), are also riding on a three game win streak due in part to huge performances by Chauncey Billups in the absence of Anthony. Billups has gone 11-13 from three point range in those three wins.

So how long will the Carmelo Anthony talk last? Where will he go? What will be Denver's reaction? As the Nuggets' season continues, we can expect these questions to be answered before we know it!