Taming the Roar of Thunder

Posted by Ryan Rush | Thursday, April 14, 2011 | 0 comments »

The NBA playoffs will start on Apr. 16 and our beloved Denver Nuggets will be matched up in a western conference fourth and fifth seed battle against the league-leading scorer, Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

This is the most intriguing series in the West because both teams are very similar. Both teams rely on perimeter scoring, but both can get tough and score down low in the post. The Nuggets, who are the fifth seed will have their hands full with containing Durant and his counterpart, Russell Westbrook.

Denver is more than capable of limiting the damage that this dynamic duo can cause because since the big blockbuster trade the Nuggets have been allowing around 10 less points a game (97 ppg).

The new-look Nuggets have been described as a team with a bench that is a starting-five on most of the other NBA teams, according to multiple sources.

The regulars off the bench are Raymond Felton, J.R Smith, Wilson Chandler, Al Harrington and Chris "Birdman" Anderson.

Even though the Thunder have a pretty reliable bench as well, the Nuggets still have the edge because they have a better big man in Nene (skills and offense production wise).

Due to the five-game gap between the teams' records, and because the Thunder won the division, Denver is the lower seed.

Regardless of their records this series is as even as any series can get. The Nuggets have the best chance to pull an upset on a higher seed in the first-round of the playoffs than any other underdog.

This series tips-off in Oklahoma City on Sunday at 9:30 pm est.