No 3's Equals 0 and 3

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No 3's Equals 0 and 3

      Three.  3 is the number for the Denver Nuggets through the first three games of the season.  The Nuggets are 0-3 to start the year.  That's 3 up and 3 down.  Oh, and many 3-pointers are going up, but not many are falling down.  Heading into their game on Tuesday against Detroit, Denver is shooting just under 25% from deep, including a 5-21 performance beyond the arc against the defending champions, the Miami Heat.  By the way, the Nuggets lost the game by, yep, 3.  That is just not going to cut it in today's NBA.  Danilo Gallinari is leading the way in the sub-par shooting going 3-18 from 3 in just two games.  But let's cut him some slack since he did miss the first game of the season due to an ankle injury.  That's a legitmate excuse, right?  Well, the Nuggets are hoping that is the case as they are searching for their first win.  There were many promising things in the first few games, though.  One thing I noticed was the amount of hustle that was given to the offensive glass.  Kenneth Faried has ripped down an average of 4.7 offensive boards in the first 3 games.  Also, I enjoyed the appearance of the Nuggets' first-round draft choice Evan Fournier in the season-opener loss to Philadelphia.  The 19-year-old has talent that still has yet to be seen.  Newly-acquired Andre Igoudala has been exciting to watch; however, he has 12 turnovers to start the season while the Nuggets as a team are averaging 17 a game! Ty Lawson has been fairly solid, averaging 6.7 assists through the first 3 games. Coach George Karl believes that Lawson needs to take the reigns of the team this year, having a larger role in the locker room and on the court. The Nuggets management must believe this also since they signed the North Carolina star to a 4-year, 48-million-dollar contract extension earlier this week. Denver's success this season depends greatly on Lawson's leadership and performance.  The Nuggets must rely on a number 3, Ty Lawson's jersey number.  How ironic.

Golden Nugget Award

     This year I will be rewarding a Nuggets player for his performance during the previous week with the weekly "Golden Nugget" award.  Yes, this award is fake; but still, who doesn't want a fake Golden Nugget?  This week's award goes to "Old-Man Miller," that is, Andre Miller.  He's 36 years young and still doing work on the basketball court! The 13-year veteran point guard is averaging 27 minutes off the bench, 12.7 points, and is shooting just under 55% from the field!  Congrats, Andre.

    Looking Ahead

     The Nuggets have four games on the slate this upcoming week including their home-opener against the Pistons.  My highlighted game of the week is Denver's first meeting with Utah on Friday.  It's always good to beat a division rival.


Final Word

Do not panic, Nuggets fans!  I mean, after all, the Lakers started 0-3, too.

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