Cold Pizza

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Cold Pizza

     The Denver Nuggets have been really hard for me to watch this season.  At times they appear to be a team with a chance to go deep in the playoffs, and at other times they do not even look like a playoff team.  Right now the Nuggets sit at 10-11 which is not at all terrible, but also is not at all good!  This reminds me of cold pizza.  To most people, cold pizza is good, but would anyone prefer cold, leftover pizza over hot, fresh pizza?  Cold pizza is similar to the Nuggets' first 21 games.  They haven't played badly, but they also haven't played well.  On Sunday,  Denver traveled to Madison Square Garden to play the Knicks who were 7-0 at home.  New York is playing good basketball, don't get me wrong, but it's Denver who gave the game away in a 112-106 loss.  The Knicks ended up with 14 more shots from the field than the Nuggets. Why?  The Knicks had 13 offensive rebounds!  Match that with Denver turning the ball over 16 times and I think we can find a 6-point deficit somewhere.  Even with Denver shooting 55% from the field, they were only 5/17 from deep as their 3-point shooting woes drag on.  Blame the bad scheduling. Blame the bad shooting.  Maybe blame both.  Right now, as Nuggets fans, we must ride out the storm.  I still have hope for this team.  Whether my hope is fading or not, it is still there.  Now, excuse me while I repair a hole in my wall.  Don't ask.  

Golden Nugget Award


     I have to give the award this week to Mr.Thin-as-a-Skewer Corey Brewer!  Brewer is averaging 18 points per game the last 3 games off the bench.  Scoring is not all he brings from the bench.  Brewer seems to provide energy on both ends of the floor.  I believe he is an underrated defender who uses his long lanky arms to block passing lanes.  Congrats, Corey.  Now go eat a steak!

Looking Ahead

     The Nuggets continue their road trip as they travel to Detroit to take on the Pistons.  This is a game Denver should win, but Detroit is a better team than when Denver first saw them at home back in November when the Nuggets handled them 109-97.  The Nuggets then play another team they have already beat at home earlier in the year.  They travel to Minnesota to take on Kevin Love and the Timberwolves.  Denver can't let Love get going as he had 34 points against Denver in a 101-94 Nuggets win.  Denver comes home Friday night to play the tough Memphis Grizzlies before heading out to Sacremento to play the Kings for the first time this season.  3 to 4 wins does not seem out of reach for Denver the next 4 games.

Last Word

     The Nuggets are 1-5 this season on national television.  That is a lot of people witnessing a lot of cold pizza.  Denver will look to improve that record this Friday against Memphis.  Friday is a good day for some hot, fresh pizza wouldn't you say?
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