Breaking Back

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Breaking Back


     The Nuggets won 9-straight games.  Then they started their All-Star break early.  Denver is currently on a 3-game skid as they start the second part of the season Tuesday night against the Boston Celtics.
Andre Iguodala was out the last two games with a neck strain as was Danilo Gallinari due to illness.  The Nuggets are definitely a different team without these two guys so the last couple losses aren't completely a bad sign.
Denver gets to start off the second part of the season against the team that ended their win-streak in 3 overtimes, the Boston Celtics, at the Pepsi Center.
The Nuggets are 33-21 on the year so far which is currently good enough for 5th in Western Conference standings.  Denver is ranked 3rd in points per game, 2nd in rebounds per game, and 3rd in assists per game which is very good.  There are two bad stats that could end up hurting Denver down the stretch.  They are 26th in points allowed and last in the league in free throw percentage. 
The trade deadline is only a few days away and many people are speculating that Denver will make a move.  The Nuggets have some pieces, but is it the right time to make a move while in the middle of the playoff race?  Does a team really need that superstar player to win a championship?  Or can a group of team players work together to win a title. 
The second half of the season is going to be a wild ride.

Golden Nugget Award


     Kenneth Faried gets the award for his monster performance during the Rising Stars game during All-Star weekend in Houston.  Faried had 40 points!  Also, even though he didn't win the contest, Faried had an amazing dunk in which he threw it off the glass, went between the legs in mid-air, and flushed it with authority!

Looking Ahead


     Denver takes on Boston on Tuesday, then finishes off their Eastern Conference road swing with back to back games at the Wizards and Bobcats. 

Final Word


     Write this down.  The Nuggets will have at least 52 wins by the end of the season.
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