Top Tips for Betting the Grand National

Posted by joemak | Friday, March 22, 2013 | 4 comments »

The Grand National proves a busy time of year and being an event that happens only once a year means bookmakers are fighting for you to place bets with them. Take advantage of the offers that are out there, shop around a little to get the best with your money. A lot of sites offer free bets or an extra £20 or so when you register and make a deposit with them. Also, look around for a ‘best odds guarantee’ because this can get you the most out of your money if you win. always advertises the best betting offers for the event, so be sure to have a look on there.

Once you have discovered whom you want to do your betting with, it is then time to choose your horse. This is the tricky part; there are a lot of factors to consider, but it is perhaps best to filter out the most likely losers first. When a race is coming up there are always clear favourites to win the race, have a look to see which these are and shortlist them. To see which horses are competing, lists the runners for the competition, along with a few stats so it’s easy to get a clear look at who to go for.

 Things to take into consideration when picking your horse are things like weight (which can be important), age, stamina and the history of the horse. Has the horse won any previous races? Chances are that if they have, it may not happen again. Red Rum is the only horse to have won the grand national more than once.

It can sometimes be important to look at factors such as the jockey and its trainer. What are his/her skills and experience? But ultimately, this is all represented in the horses past performances, so look at how the horse has performed in the past. Do the jockey and rider seem to perform well together? Does it have a particularly good trainer with plenty of experience?

Following these tips should increase your chances and win that all-important race, but the more you know, the better your chances!


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